Osaka Business Development Agency (OBDA) to have a pavilion of 4 Osaka Manufacturers at “SUBCON THAILAND 2023” (@BITEC, Hall:104, Booth: H32/May 10th-13th, 2023)

  4 manufacturing companies based in Osaka, Japan, participate in SUBCON THAILAND 2023 to be held @BITEC(Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre), from May 10th-13th, 2023, at Osaka Pavilion (Hall: 104, Booth: H32) organized by Osaka Business Development Agency (OBDA).
   For the first time in 4 years, SUBCON THAILAND is going to be held in completely real!
We introduce 4 excellent high-tech SMEs from Osaka, JAPAN, showcasing their latest and advanced manufacturing technology and products for overall metalworking industry.
4 exhibitors are looking for not only buyers, but new local suppliers, local distributors, etc. 

 Please come to our Osaka Pavilion @BITEC to see 4 Osaka manufacturers!

For Subcon Thailand 2023, please go to the website below.
Period May 10th(Wed) – 13th(Sat), 2023 
Time 10:00~18:00 (Thai time)
Place Osaka Pavilion @BITEC, Hall: 104, Booth: H32
Target Thai-based enterprises (local/Japanese) interested in doing business with the below Osaka companies (buyer/supplier/partnership)
List of 4 Participating Osaka Companies  1. HUTZPER INC.
   Looking for: Buyer and Sales Rep URL(jp):

  Superb but Affordable, Japan Quality AI!!!

  We provide high-precision AI, which would normally be expensive,
  to manufacturers at a low price using our own highly efficient AI algorithm.

Development and sales of “MEKIKI” and “DAIZIN”
 (1)”MEKIKI”: AI-based visual inspection solution for manufacturing industry
  By simply installing cameras, lighting, and dedicated devices in the inspection process, AI replaces human visual inspection work. We support the automation of your company’s inspection process by enabling the detection of appearance defects, such as product scratches, foreign matter contamination, and shape defects.

 (2) “DAIZIN”: Abnomaly detection IoT solutions for machine tools
  As abnormalities can be detected simply by attaching a vibration sensor to an existing machine tool (regardless of year/manufacturer), it optimizes your cutting process.  In addition, by saving vibration data and processing conditions, it is possible to reproduce the techniques of skilled workers. It is a practical IoT that can be used in the field, visualizing “craftsman’s intuition” through vibration.

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 We deliver automotive aluminum die-cast parts from Vietnam!

 We have 15 die-casting machines in the 125t, 250t, and 350t classes, 12 machining centers,
 8 shot blasters, and vacuum die-casting equipment.


Manufacturing and sales of automotive safety and security parts, heat sink parts,
and airtight parts by aluminum die casting.

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  As long as there is a need for just one spring…
  We are a spring manufacturer specialized in design and development of high-quality and high-precision special springs.
In Japan, many of our products are used at power plants and for vibration damping of a high-rise building and space development.
We provide made-to-order products to meet the needs of our customers, dealing in a variety of springs from the smallest to the largest in the world. 

 [Business] Design, manufacturing and sale of various kinds of metal springs (made-to-order products only)

 [Main Products]
 High-precision special springs required for research and development aiming at achieving the goals of the Thailand 4.0 initiative (e.g. aerospace technology and next-generation fuels)
     – Large-sized compression springs (Max. outer diameter: Φ600 mm; max. free length: 1,200 mm)
    – High-precision special compression springs (Materials: Inconel, SUS, titanium and other materials)
    – Special disc springs (Materials: Inconel, SUS, titanium and other materials)
    – Special flat springs (Materials: Inconel, SUS, titanium and other materials)

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  If you need welding and machining of stainless steel,
    just leave it to Toyo Stainless Kako!  
 As a general manufacturer specializing in stainless steel that manufactures, handles, and sells everything from vacuum equipment to small parts, we work to solve customer problems from the planning and design stages.

 [Business] Manufacturing and sales of (1) Stainless steel flanges and (2) stainless steel
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Inquiry to Osaka Business Development Agency(OBDA)
Person in charge:OCHI (Ms.) /TEL: +81-(0)6-6947-4088
Organizer Osaka Business Development Agency(OBDA)
Co-organizer The Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI),
Kansai head office, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan,
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Osaka Head Office


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