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International Business Support Center (BSC)
Our experienced coordinators provide consultation and helpful advice as well as useful information and hands-on support as needed.

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Overseas exhibitions and business meetings (in or outside Japan) with overseas companies
OBDA sets up “Osaka booths” or shared booths at exhibitions held overseas, including ASEAN countries to facilitate Osaka-based SMEs in displaying their products at such exhibitions. We offer a range of consistent support and services in relation to the exhibitions, from pre-exhibition preparation to post-exhibition follow-up.

In addition, OBDA collaborates with overseas partner organizations in assisting Osaka-based SMEs entering overseas markets by creating opportunities for the SMEs to have domestic and overseas business meetings through one-to-one business meeting.

Osaka Business Support Desk
We have overseas bases to support Osaka-based SMEs in their international business. In partnership with local subcontractors, our overseas desks offer international business consultation and on-site support, and prepare a list of candidate business partners, in response to customer’s needs.

Shanghai Business Support
In collaboration with our Shanghai office, we assist Osaka-based SMEs doing business in China by introducing Chinese companies, analyzing markets, and providing information.

We offer support not only for developing new sales channels but also for various other needs primarily in East China (Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, and neighboring regions).

Shanghai Business Support (Chinese)

MOBIO(Monodzukuri Business Information-center Osaka)
MOBIO, a comprehensive support base for SMEs in Osaka Prefecture, has one of Japan’s largest permanent exhibition halls and offers variety of support in the form of matchmaking, sales channel development, industry-academia collaboration consultation, intellectual property use, and seminars.


Mydome OSAKA
MyDome OSAKA is an urban exhibition hall located in the center of Osaka with an exhibition space of 5,000 sqm.. It can serve as a venue for not only exhibitions and business meetings but also other events, such as general meeting of shareholders, trade show, etc.

Sansokan (Startup Visa Application Support Desk)
Sansokan (Business Innovation Center Osaka) is the one-stop support center for startups and SMEs. Various types of seminars and consultation service are held regularly. A Support Desk for International Founders, providing startup visa-related information and application support, is also located in Sansokan.

Startup Visa Inquiries

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