Message from President & About Us

Message from President

Osaka Business Development Agency is a new organization that was founded in April 2019 by a merger between two public interest incorporated foundations, i.e., the Osaka Foundation for Trade & Industry and Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center. We made a new start with the aim of providing even more productive business support by closely collaborating with Osaka Prefectural Government and the City of Osaka in the following areas of focus: (1) international business promotion, (2) business startup and venture business support, and (3) business succession.

The G20 Osaka summit, which was held in late June 2019 with Osaka serving as the host city, concluded successfully, promoting Osaka to the world. With many projects now being actively carried out in preparation for Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, including the building of hotels throughout the city in response to the expected increase in inbound tourists, Umekita’s 2nd phase development, and efforts to welcome an integrated resort, the wind in Osaka is blowing in favor of accelerating innovation development and international business interaction.

To help motivated small-and medium-sized business operators and entrepreneurs with new business ideas grow by taking up this opportunity, Osaka Business Development Agency will continue pursuing its mission as a trusted supporting organization by expanding its network of support in collaboration with not only Osaka Prefectural Government and the City of Osaka but also Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as many other organizations, with the aim of helping Osaka develop its economy even further. Thank you very much.

Junzo Tateno, President

About Us

Osaka Business Development Agency (OBDA)
(Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)
April 1st, 2019
Number of employees
132 (As of February 2020)

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve for industrial promotion in Osaka Prefecture to contribute to the sound growth and development of SMEs as well as other local industries, thereby form a robust economic region, improve the livelihood of those local residents and expand welfare services.

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