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Personal Information Protection Policy

OSAKA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY’s Personal Information Protection Policy is fully compliant with all laws and regulations regarding protection of the personal data of our customers. We have voluntarily established rules and a framework for protecting personal data which we will continue to support and maintain.

The Foundation drafted “Personal Information Protection Regulations” to safeguard the personal information of our users. The Regulations have been disseminated to all of our staff, and we will continue to improve and maintain the Regulations.

The Foundation has taken appropriate data security measures to protect against unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc. to ensure that personal information is not lost, destroyed, tampered with, or divulged.

The Foundation obtains personal information by fair and lawful means, and receives permission from the people whose data we collect for purposes that we explicitly state on the Foundation’s web site.

Personal information shall only be used as needed in the performance of our business operations, and customer data shall not be given out to third parties without explicit consent of customers. However, please note the following cases in which customer information may be provided to third parties or used for purposes beyond the scope of the purposes of use without receiving the prior consent of customers.

  • 1.Cases in which disclosure is required by law
  • 2.Cases in which disclosure of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, wellbeing, or assets of an individual, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
  • 3.Cases in which disclosure of personal information is necessary to improve public hygiene or to promote healthy development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
  • 4. Cases in which disclosure of personal information is necessary to cooperate with an agency of the state or local government so they can carry out their duty according to law, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual without interfering with the execution of this duty.

The Foundation recognizes the rights and will respond appropriately to requests from individual to disclose, correction, suspend, or delete retained personal information that could lead to the identification of the said individual.

The Foundation will respond appropriately to individual complaints regarding the handling of the individual’s personal information (in dealing with inquiries about the individual’s personal information).

The Foundation will take measures to supervise third parties in cases where the third parties are entrusted with the user’s personal information.

In cases where personal information is shared with specified third parties, the Foundation will verify in advance the specific items of personal information to be shared, the number of people who will have access to the information, the people who will be using the information and for what purpose, and who will be responsible for managing the information. In addition, the Foundation will ensure that this information is readily accessible to the individuals whose personal information is being shared.

Regarding Cookies

Cookies are small encrypted text files that aid record management by storing user information on the user’s computer (hard drive).
Use of cookies simplifies the process of delivering relevant content for sites and services that are frequently visited.
Pages on the Foundation website use cookies to make the pages easier for customers to access and navigate.
Note that if you change your browser settings to not accept cookies, this could result in you not being able to assess some or all of our Services.

How We Use and Handle Customer Data

OSAKA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY makes every effort to safeguard the privacy and protect the personal data of our customers.
We may use customer data for the following purposes.

1.How we might use customer data

  • To confirm applications for events and seminars, and to send out registration forms
  • To confirm applications for our e-mail magazine service, and deliver the magazine
  • To send out prizes that users have applied for
  • To confirm sign-ups for various member service, and provide the services
  • To confirm billing and payment for services
  • To assess member satisfaction with Foundation services
  • To collect statistically processed data and publish survey results
  • To assess information accessed and used by our members to improve our services and to develop new services
  • To deliver our e-mail magazine, information about upcoming events, and various other services to customers
  • To invite subjects to participate in surveys or participant in events, and to report back the results
  • To assess usage of services and the web site, and to provide information about companies and organizations that might be beneficial to the Foundation and to our customers
  • To provide information to the City of Osaka obtained through projects (grant projects) commissioned by the city
  1. Note 1: While we may not use customer data for all of these purposes at present, we probably will in the future.
  2. Note 2: In cases where the rational for collecting customer data is obvious or when required by law, we may not notify users or state explicitly how we are using customer data.
  3. Note 3: Please note that all information that is disclosed by our users becomes public information.

2.Range of Customer Data That is Used

Customer data shall be used only to the extent necessary to achieve the Foundation’s objectives.

3.Specific Data Items That May be Used

The following data items may be used only to the extent necessary to achieve the Foundation’s objectives.
Personal customer data including name, gender, birth date, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, company name and position, and so on.

4.Requests for Customer Information

The Foundation will set up a contact center to handle requests to disclose, correct, and suspend use of personal data that is held, and will respond to such requests without delay within a reasonable time frame in accordance with the law.
Note that a charge of JPY840 is assessed for each request for disclosure, notification of intended use, and so on.
Additional charges may be assessed if multiple pages are requested.

OSAKA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY contact center for handling requests for customer data

OSAKA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, General Affairs Department, General Affairs Planning Division
MyDome Osaka 7F, 2-5 Hommachi-bashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0029 Japan

5.Revising this Document

We may revise this document on the use of customer data at any time for our convenience.
You will be notified of any changes or revisions through posting on this site, so please check back from time to time.


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