【International Business Support Team】Osaka-Thai Online Business Meeting<Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy>(Mar. 2022)

  Osaka Business Development Agency (OBDA) organizes the online business meeting between Thai enterprises and 5 companies based in Osaka, Japan, with leading technologies in the field of Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy in Mar. 2022.
Please join in our online business meeting and let us have an opportunity to exchange information to contribute to our sustainable development goals! (Free to participate)


Period March 1st(Mon) – 18th(Fri), 2022 
Time 8:00~16:00(Thai time)
Place Online (Zoom)
+ Pre-registration (Time slot/45 minutes)
+ Date and time will be fixed as per your requests.
+ Your schedule (URL, ID/ PW etc.) will be advised when it is fixed.
Please note that system problem can occur depending on the connection status of network devices.
Target Thai-based enterprises (local/Japanese) interested in doing business with the below Osaka companies (buyer/supplier/partnership)
List of 5 Participating Osaka Companies
  [Business]  Trading (Chemicals, Food, Cosmetics, Materials for pharmaceuticals,  Electronics Device)
  [Products introduced at the meeting] “K-MENT” (chemical solution to protect biomass boiler
                    by preventing the occurrence of 
clinker, sludge or fowling)

  ◆Business outline and Desired business meeting (Thai): Please click here
   <Inside the Boiler BEFORE Use of K-MENT(upper row)/AFTER Use of K-MENT(lower row)>      

2. KANEKA CORPORATION PV & Energy management Solutions Vehicle


Water treatment, lease of machinery for civil engineering and construction work
[Products introduced at the meeting]
Turbidity removal tablets

◆Business outline and Desired business meeting (Thai): Please click here
■Product Video: Please click here to view the video

 [Business] Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Service of industrial equipment
      (scraped surface heat exchanger, thin film evaporator, metering pump, chemical injection system)

 [Products introduced at the meeting] Hi-Evaolator®(thin film evaporator for solvent and highly concentrated solute recovery system)
 ◆Business outline and Desired business meeting (Thai): 
Please click here

  ■Product Video: Please click here to view the video

5. TOPPAN INC. Nishinihon Division Kansai Subdivision    URL(EN):
 [Business] Information&communication, living&Industry, and electronics businesses with printing technologies
 [Products introduced at the meeting] Sustainable Value Packaging (Eco-friendly & functional packaging)
 ◆Business outline and Desired business meeting (Thai): Please click here
 ■Product Video: Please click here to view the video

Participation Fee Free
Entry condition ・To have a network environment in place
・To be able to participate through Zoom
・To be able to participate in Zoom communication test
(Please be sure to participate with the same devices under the same circumstances as the meeting date.)
Application Please apply from the link URL link below:
(Thai language)
(Japanese language)
Closing Date for Application Mar. 4th(Fri.), 2022
Inquiry to ■regarding matchings: Asia Alliance Partner Co., Ltd. (Business Support Desk (Thailand) of Osaka Business Development Agency(OBDA))
 Person in charge:(in Thailand) Ms. NIN/TEL:+66-(0)98-270-9153
          (in Japan) Ms. MAI/TEL:+81-(0)90-5245-4345
■other than above: Osaka Business Development Agency(OBDA)
 Person in charge:Ms. OCHI/TEL: +81-(0)6-6947-4088 E-mail:
Organizer Osaka Business Development Agency(OBDA), Osaka Prefectural Government
Co-organizer Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) Osaka Office,Osaka Overseas Business Promotion Organization


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